What Make a Good Medical Interpreter?

Doctor showing heart shape isolated on white background

Having an experienced interpreter in a medical session is not only about fulfilling the legal requirement. Well-trained medical interpreters can do far better in the following aspects than inexperienced interpreters, even including those who are fluent in both languages.   Consecutive interpreting vs. simultaneous interpreting In a medical setting, interpreting simultaneously is usually not a good choice. In order to keep pace with the healthcare providers, the interpreters often need to summarize what has been […]

How Culture Shapes Communication in Business Settings

Five businesspeople at boardroom table

When you communicate with a person speaking a different language, most of the time the differences between you are not only about the different languages you speak. That person may come from a different culture, which may shape the way they communicate and perceive the world. In some circumstances, the lack of understanding of the person’s culture may have unexpected consequences. Besides speaking the language well, a good translator and interpreter should be able to […]