Certified or Notarized? We know the answer!

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Certified or Notarized? Many people would have this question when they need to have their documents translated.  Depending on what purposes you are submitting your translation for, you may need one or the other. To know which one is the right one for you, let’s start from what is certification and what is notarization. If the translation is certified, it indicates that the translator has obtained translation certification granted from an accredited institution. In the […]

What is a CDI and when is it necessary to use one?

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I have noticed in recent months the increased use of CDI’s (Certified Deaf Interpreters) out in the field.  Perhaps, and quite unfortunately, due to the recent increase in tragic events and natural disasters around our nation, CDI’s have become more visible within the profession.  These dire types of situations have an impact on us as a human race as a whole.  The need for clear and effective transmission of information in these situations can literally […]

When & How shall I use telephonic interpreting?

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I understand that when people need to communicate with someone speaking a different language, it’d always be assuring when there is an interpreter on-site. But in fact, telephonic interpreters are also well-trained and the quality of interpretation is not compromised if your telephonic interpreter is from a professional and reliable interpreting company. Moreover, here is a list of the situations in which telephonic interpreting may be a better choice compared to on-site interpreting: You need […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Sign Language Interpreter

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I have found throughout my career that many people I meet – most people, actually – are fascinated with sign language.  I understand completely – I fell in love with American Sign Language – the language, the grammar, the culture, the Deaf Community, years ago.  This fascination, however, often leads to somewhat inappropriate behavior and questions among the “hearing” community.  Questions such as… “Do you know Braille?”  (ummm, no?)  or “Can Deaf people drive???” are […]

How does an experienced translator react in these situations?

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Translating the languages is not that hard for translators fluent in both languages; however, when they run into a problem beyond the languages, they may find themselves in a dilemma and have no idea about how to tackle the problem. An experienced translator may react in these situations and tackle the problem in the following ways:   What shall I do if I find an error made by the client? People make mistakes. Sometimes the […]