How is Christmas celebrated worldwide?

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It’s the Christmas season! People in Over 160 countries worldwide are celebrating the holiday. Some Christmas traditions are shared by people worldwide, including decorating Christmas Trees, exchanging gifts, and having Advent calendar at home, while many countries have their own traditions to celebrate the holiday. Following are some countries with distinct and interesting traditions in celebrating Christmas.   Norway In Norway, there’s the interesting tradition that people will hide their brooms on Christmas Eve! In […]

Are you ready to have your documents translated? Here’s the checklist

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Although professional translators will always do their best to translate your documents and deliver them to you as quickly as they can, if you check the documents carefully before sending them to the translators, you may further speed up the translation turnover and avoid any unnecessary hassle. Here’s a checklist for you to prepare your documents for translation.   Review the documents carefully before it’s sent to translators If the documents are your original works, […]

What are the qualities a good interpreter should have?

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Many people speaking more than two languages may have thought about working as an interpreter. Interpreters can enjoy a flexible working schedule, high hourly rate, and the opportunities to join interesting events and meet different people. However, being an interpreter is not always a good option for many people, even though they are bilingual and have good communication skills. After all, what makes a great interpreter? Following are some qualities a good interpreter needs to […]

Five Things to Consider Before Booking an Interpreting Session

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Nowadays, it’s quite easy to book an interpreting session online or on phone with the language pair and event date. But besides the basic information, here are five things you need to know and consider carefully before booking an interpreting session.   1. Actual event duration It’s not always possible for people to know in advance how long they need to keep the interpreter, and it happens quite often that the event lasts longer than […]

Body languages can be very different for people from another country

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Even with the best interpreter on the presence, when you are in a conversation with someone speaking a different language, more or less you would be communicating with that person using your body language.  Although most of the time the body languages have similar meanings across different cultures, this may not always be the case; you definitely don’t want to run the risk that your body language offends the other party in an important event. […]