How to prepare your contents for localization


Nowadays more businesses are targeting the international market and localizing their products and messages to attract people in different areas across the globe. Although translation plays an important role in the process of localization, contents that are appropriate and attractive to the local communities are the key to successfully marketing your products to people with different cultural backgrounds. Following are some tips for you to prepare your contents for localization.   Be aware of the […]

On-site, video, and telephonic interpreting: which is the best option for me?


In the past year, we have seen an increasing demand for interpreting services nationwide. On-site interpreting is still the primary language solution for many people, while telephonic interpreting or video remote interpreting could potentially be more cost-effective and accessible. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. On-site Interpreting: The interpreter would meet you on-site to deliver the interpreting session. Advantages: On-site interpreting is usually scheduled several days ahead of the event, and as […]