Industries that can benefit a lot from collaborating with language service providers


In the age of globalization, breaking the language barriers can bring tremendous growth opportunities to companies in various industries. Businesses can significantly boost their sales and increase their market shares if they can identify and better serve people from different communities and speaking different languages. Following are industries that can benefit a lot when companies and institutions collaborate with language service providers.   Real Estate There are studies showing that gaps in homeownership have widened […]

All you need to know about notarization for your translated document

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What is notarization and why does my document need to be notarized? Notarization is the process to deter fraud and protect the rights of all the parties involved. It needs to be performed by a notary public complying with the notary law of the state, and the notary public needs to ensure that the document is authentic, accurate, and trustworthy. The notary public first needs to screen the signer of the document for identity, volition, […]

Will my insurance cover medical interpreting?


Who covers the cost of medical interpreting? Considering the twenty-five million limited-English proficiency (LEP) residents of the United States, there is a demand for linguists in every field. In the medical field, language barriers create miscommunication and misunderstandings that can lead to dramatic consequences. Interpreters are vetted for accuracy and aptitude through a lengthy screening process to ensure the safety and privacy of the patient. A misunderstanding of one word or phrase can mean life […]