What’s the best time to learn a language?


Although studies often have different conclusions regarding the best time for learning, many do agree that 10 am to 2 pm is the most productive time for learning. A few hours after you wake up, your brain is well rested, and you are energetic to take the challenge of learning a new language. After people have their lunch, may people experience the post-lunch slump, which may last for hours, and there are studies showing that […]

How is simultaneous interpreting different from consecutive interpreting?


When booking for interpreting services, people would often be asked whether it would be simultaneous or consecutive, as the two modes require the interpreters to have different skillsets, and an interpreter good at consecutive interpreting may not be qualified for a simultaneous session. It’d be helpful to know the differences between these two primary modes of interpreting and select the one that works best for your event when booking for interpreting services. In the consecutive […]

How to prepare a style guide for your business translation

style guide

Although a style guide is often not required when people submit a document for translation, many people don’t realize that a comprehensive style guide can effectively reduce the turnaround time and improve the quality of the translation, especially when the documents are for business purposes. For companies localizing their messages to better attract prospective clients from a different community, a comprehensive style guide would be of great help to the translator and ensure that the […]

Tips for transcribers to reduce the transcription turnaround time

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1) Ask for a terminology list if necessary If the audio file involves discussion of in-depth topics and industry terminologies are frequently used, the transcription project can be quite time-consuming even for an experienced transcriber as research needs to be done on those terminologies. Sometimes it may take you several hours to do the research to secure all the terminologies (both spellings and their meanings) you need to know to complete the project, while it […]