The Technical Aspects of Translation Services: Spanglish


When Spanish speaking individuals move to English speaking countries, many of them are not fluent in English and move into predominately Hispanic communities. As they live in an English-speaking country for longer, they begin to learn more and more English, however, their children become fluent in English from public education. This creates a home environment […]

The Technical Aspects of Translation Services: Why Certification Matters


The Technical Aspects of Translation Services will be posted every Wednesday, detailing the difficulties of translation, the impact of the evolution of languages on translation services, and the necessary qualifications to make a successful translator. When in a situation where you need a translator, whether it’s for personal or business needs, often the first reaction […]

Intricacies of Language: Regionalisms across English Speaking Countries


Intricacies of Language will be a weekly blog detailing noteworthy aspects of language as it has evolved and progressed. On this week’s edition, we will cover regionalisms within the English language. The United States is home to hundreds of different languages, all with their variety of nuances that make them unique. However, we often falsely […]

What to include in a glossary for business translation?


Although providing a glossary is usually not required when you send your documents for translation, it’s highly recommended that you provide the glossary as it may effectively keep the consistency and improve the accuracy of all your translated documents. Even if all your translation jobs are done by the same translator, the translator may make […]