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Please check out our FAQ related to translation. You are always welcome to contact us online or call (877) 512-1195 if you cannot find the answer to your question here.

Each Notarized Certified translation is mailed to your address with USPS Priority mail shipping which includes tracking and is usually sent to your E-mail address on file.  You can track the shipment directly with USPS by clicking on the tracking number in your E-mail.  If you have not received tracking confirmation, please send us an email to

We are able to upgrade you to USPS Express mail shipping for an additional fee.  You can conveniently add USPS Express mail shipping when placing an order on our website.  If you wish to have your documents shipped via FedEx or UPS, additional fees may apply and are calculated on a case by case basis.

Revision requests can be sent to  We usually respond promptly during regular business hours.  For Certified and Notarized translations we are required to translate word for word the information included in the copy of the original document. Having noted this, the spelling of names and places is a common typo that occurs due to legibility or source language alphabet.  It is always advisable when placing an order to provide the spelling of names and places noted in the document.

When submitting documents to foreign consulates or international bodies, it is advisable to obtain a Notarized Certified translation.  Our certification will be provided in the foreign language (target language) in which the translation is made.

We specialize in providing high volume business translations to clients nationwide.  As a business client, you will have access to a dedicated account manager.  For more information please visit our Business Client Portal. 

You may also register your business by calling us at 1-877-512-1195.

A Notarized Certified translation is suggested to be ordered for educational purposes.  Some Universities and Colleges also accept Certified translations as well.  It is advisable to check with your university or institution of higher learning before choosing your translation option.

And we will be more than happy to accommodate your requests and send the documents to the university, college, or evaluation agency for you.

Our Certified Translation, which is $29 per page (up to 250 words) and is delivered to your E-mail in .pdf format, is a 100% Guaranteed to be accepted for immigration related purposes in the U.S.  You can conveniently order a certified translation on our website.

Yes, you can fax us the documents to 1.615.472.7924.

Please ensure that you include a cover page with your:

1. Full Name
2. Phone #
3. E-mail
4. Source Language of the documents being submitted.

Alliance Business Solutions is accredited by the ATA (American Translator Association).  We stand behind our work and guarantee acceptance of our translations depending on the type of translation ordered.

Our customers’ satisfaction is paramount for us. They speak highly of us on review site.

We strive to protect your personal information by adhering to strict security guidelines as:

  • Your documents and your credit card information are secure.
  • We do not retain credit card information; we simply forward it to our bank for processing.
  • Your documents are stored securely on our servers, and only available to our staff and linguists that are working on your documents.
  • All of our linguists sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) which is strictly enforced to protect the confidentiality of your documents.

With headquarter in Tampa Florida, we are an online company taking orders online. You can conveniently place an order online, with real-time access to our customer service professionals online (24 hours a day) or on phone (regular business hours, please call 8775121195).

Our firm uses the following criteria when selecting translators:

• Native fluency in a target language and a source language;

• Professional experience in their field of expertise, including but not limited to legal, healthcare, business, education, and more;

• First-hand experience with the same culture as the target audience;

• For all business, organizational or governmental purposes Alliance Business Solutions translators must be University educated. Most of our translators have postgraduate degrees and are professionals in their technical/specialized fields of translation.

• Based on their educational credentials we determine their ability and specialization of projects assigned to them.

Certified document translations are delivered in .PDF format and consist of three parts:

1. Certificate of accurate translation (Including the name and signature of the translator, our companies company seal, and ATA reference number)

2. Translated document (may not resemble the formatting of the original document)

3. Copy of original document submitted

1. Once you place the order with our company your documents are received by a Project Manager who assigns the project to an expert linguist.

2. The linguist performs the translation and forwards your documents to our editor for review and finalization.

3. Your documents are finalized by our Project Manager, combined to your specifications and delivered to you in electronic format via E-mail.

**If a Notarized Certified translation was ordered, Notarized Certified original documents will be mailed out to you the following morning via USPS priority mail

Notarized translation is guaranteed by our firm to be accepted for all legal purposes within the U.S.  At times the government agency or employer may require additional forms to be completed, such as their own certification documentation.  We will gladly work to accommodate all special requests free of charge when a Notarized translation order is placed.

Certified translation is 100 % Guaranteed to be accepted for all immigration purposes in the U.S., including USCIS, NVC, Immigration Courts, BIA, etc.  Also, some universities and colleges may accept electronically certified translations.  If you are ordering a certified translation for University purposes, please check with them first to see if a Notarized Certified translation will be needed.

Both the Certified and the Notarized translations contain our company and translator certification. However, depending on what purposes you are submitting your translation for, you may need one or the other.  Certified translations are delivered only electronically in .pdf format and are sufficient for numerous legal purposes in the U.S. including, Immigration, DHS, USCIS, NVC, and Immigration courts.

Some government bodies require the original signatures and notarization with the translation. Therefore a Notarized translation may be required.

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