Translation Technology

The Cutting-Edge

Translation Technology

With the goal of providing accurate translation and shortening the turnaround time, we utilize the industry-leading computer-assisted tool and translation memory system. For large volume projects, the documents would first be translated by translation machines equipped with the latest translation memory and then proofread by our professional translators.

When our experienced translators collaborate with the cutting-edge translation technology, we are able to provide our high-quality translation with:

  • Fast Turnaround: Although our experienced translators would still be working on all our translation projects, proofreading would take them less time and we would be able to send you the translation much faster.
  • Lower Cost: For large-volume projects, we are able to offer rates as low as $0.10 per word with the help of CAT tools and translation memory system.
  • Increased Accuracy and Consistency: Nobody is perfect, and machine translation may sometimes get lost.  But when they work together, we are confident that all our translation would be accurate and consistent.
The Powerful
Translation Memory

Trados Studio, the industry-leading computer-assisted translation software, is used along with the latest translation memory to improve the quality and consistency of translations. A translation memory stores previously translated sentences and paragraphs and therefore boosts the productivity and consistency of machine translation. With the help of the translation memory, the translation would be consistent even when it's done by multiple translators, and the format of the original document would be kept.

Translation Technology

We strive for offering better translation services

Besides improving the translation accuracy and allowing us to offer lower rates, the latest translation technology enables us to:

  • Shorten the time we assign the works to our translators
  • Keep track of the status of the translation projects
  • Receive timely notification of the project progress
  • Facilitate timely communication between our translators and project managers

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