6 items to consider localizing for your business

Localization, or adapting a previously translated product to a specific country or region, has become increasingly important for businesses entering new markets. If you’re looking to acquire new local customers, consider tailoring these aspects of your business to them:


Studies show that customers prefer using websites in their native language, and are more likely to buy the product if the price is in their local currency. Having a multi-language localized website can increase your web traffic and give prospective customers a better experience as they navigating around your website. 

SEO Strategy

You may already localize your websites or offer users multiple languages, but you also need to localize your SEO strategy to get the most out of those sites. If you have websites in multiple languages yet don’t add keywords in those languages, you may be making it harder for target customers to find your website via search. Even if searchers speak English, you might not be accurately targeting. People speaking American English and people speaking British English sometimes use different phrasing for the same search topic, so be sure to consider the difference when deploying your SEO strategies. 

Business Practices 

If you are doing business in different countries, be mindful of all the business practices and standards in those countries and adapt your business policies as such. Some standards are set by law in the country, while some are standards generally expected by local customers.

For example, the shipping and return standard may be very different in different countries. In some areas, people expect their purchases to arrive fast and if you fail to meet their expectations, they may not come back and purchase again. Abiding by all the standards can be costly, so this is something to consider before entering a new market.

Marketing Campaign

You may need to adapt your marketing message, advertising, and promotion based on the preference of your target customers. People in different areas enjoy reading content in different styles and formats, and your message will be much more attractive if you tailor it to their preferences. Additionally, holiday seasons differ across countries, and you may need to adjust your promotion events accordingly for each market. 

Store layout

When designing a retail store for a new market, be sure to consider the shopping preferences of the local customers. If they are more likely to enter your store and stay longer, it will increase the likelihood that they make a purchase in your store.

Your Product

During the development phase of a new product, consider adapting the functions based on the concerns and needs of the local customers. Some functions can be redundant in one place but quite useful in another area, and a localized product is more attractive to the local customers. If it’s not practical or cost-effective to modify the function of your product, consider simply localizing the manual and description of the product. Studies show that customers are actually much more likely to purchase a product simply because the description is in their native language.