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With globalization creating a world-wide market for goods and services, the timeline for launch, development and improvement of new products is far shorter than a decade ago. The pressure to secure the intellectual property assets and protect the proprietary IP in multiple jurisdictions -through patenting, copyright and trade marking requires a fast, efficient process in multiple languages. With increasing infringements of international property rights, and with the internet enabling easier searching and researching of global intellectual property, the securitization of legal rights in pursuit of intellectual property protection has become an increasingly difficult challenge to overcome.

Navigating the language requirement and being first to file are just a few of the major hurdles one is required to overcome today. Finding a translation provider who can deliver technical accuracy, clarity in communication, and subject-matter expertise is key to maintain the integrity of the original patent and other IP information. Translating patents requires a skilled and organized approach to achieve the superior level of quality required for any industry.

TB Alliance provides patent and patent-related translation services to many corporate IP departments and private patent law firms in the U.S. and abroad. We have the knowledge and expertise on a global scale, successfully working with patent law firms to facilitate USPTO customer filings of U.S. applications or alternatively, if they affiliate with an overseas law firm, we can support them with the filing of a US version of a non-English patent with the USPTO.

If a patent law firm’s customer wants to file a foreign-language version of a U.S. patent in a foreign jurisdiction, our highly accurate and technical translations are used to supply the foreign agent with a translation in the required non-English language. We also assist overseas IP firms with the translation of their applications into English for filing with the USPTO. TB Alliance translate all types of IP documents: the patents themselves, communications between the IP firm and the various national patent offices, trademark applications, IP litigation documents, etc.

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