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In today’s global marketplace, knowledge through advanced IT and the high speed of the Internet have significantly enhanced the way businesses are able to gain a competitive edge. This edge almost invariably requires the filing of patents.  

Our customers launch products and services to a global market far sooner than they used to, and the life cycle of new products is generally far shorter than a decade ago. From an original idea, to the launch, development, improvement, and new versions of products and services, there is a need to protect this proprietary information and secure the intellectual property assets through patenting, copyright, and trade-marking — as well as doing it fast, efficiently and in multiple languages.

We provide patent and other IP-related translations and have access to a network of hundreds of in-country translation resources, as well as dedicated in-house staff, to cater to all of the translation needs of our customers. These translation resources are specialists in IP translations and possess intimate knowledge of the finer points of country-specific filing requirements.  

In addition to patent specifications, we also translate large numbers of office action documents, patent litigation documents, filing forms, patent office notifications, etc.

Finding a translation provider who offers the highest quality and years of know-how is critical when translating IP documents. Technical accuracy, clarity in communication and subject-matter expertise are paramount to the translation process in order to maintain the integrity of the original patent and other IP information.

We offer you access to the expertise needed for rapid and efficient conveyance of knowledge on a global scale and are committed to achieving the correct balance between service performance, quality, and price — every time!

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